What is the sport of archery? 3 famous archers you should know

What is the sport of archery

The sport of archery? not only requires extreme concentration but is also a graceful art. This article 2019 Southeast Asian Games will help you better understand this sport, from history, types, ways of playing, benefits, major tournaments, famous archers, archery at the Olympics associations, development trends and frequently asked questions about archery.

History of archery

What is the sport of archery
What is the sport of archery

Origin of archery sport

Archery originated in ancient times, when people used bows and arrows to hunt for food and defend themselves. During its development, archery became a popular sport and was considered an art.

Development of archery through historical periods

Over thousands of years, archery has gone through many different stages of development, from being used in war and hunting to becoming a popular sport around the world. Along with the development of technology, today’s archery has had many changes in techniques and equipment.

The popularity of archery in the world

Archery is not only a popular sport in countries with a tradition of archers such as Mongolia, Japan, and Korea, but is also popular in Western countries such as the US, UK, France and Germany. This popularity has created a large archery community around the world.

Types of archery

Traditional archery

Traditional archery is often done with bows and arrows that originated in ancient civilizations. This type of archery focuses on the player’s accuracy and technique.

Moving target archery

This type often takes place at archery ranges with moving targets, from small to large targets, creating conditions for players to practice and compete.

Archery game

Archery games are often held in a competitive or recreational format, with different rules and scores. This type is often used to introduce the sport of archery to a large number of new players.

How to play archery

Basic archery techniques

Basic archery techniques include how to hold the bow, place the arrow, take the correct posture and correct breathing techniques. These are important factors in achieving accuracy and stability in archery.

Competition rules

Each type of archery has its own competition rules, from scoring, shooting distance to competition time. Mastering the rules of competition will help players improve their skills and compete effectively.

Necessary equipment

To participate in archery, players need to prepare equipment such as bows, arrows, focus boards and protective accessories such as archer gloves and archery socks.

Benefits of archery

Archery not only brings joy and challenges to players but also brings many health and mental benefits. Here are some key benefits of the sport of archery:

Improve concentration: Archery requires high concentration to achieve accuracy in each shot, helping to improve the player’s ability to concentrate.

Practice body control skills: When archery, players need to control their body and breathing to maintain stability and accuracy when shooting.

Reduce tension and stress: This activity helps reduce tension and stress, creating a feeling of relaxation and comfort for players.

Improves overall health: Archery is a form of comprehensive physical exercise that helps improve cardiovascular health, muscle strength and flexibility.

Big archery tournaments

Archery is a sport with many major tournaments around the world, attracting the attention of millions of fans. Below are some major archery tournaments in the world:

Famous archers

Kim Woo-jin (Korea)

Kim Woo-jin is one of the most famous archers in the world, having won Olympic gold and many other international titles.

Deepika Kumari (India)

Deepika Kumari is one of the best female archers in the world, she has won many international medals and titles.

Brady Ellison (USA)

Brady Ellison is one of the top male archers in the world, he has won many impressive achievements at international and Olympic tournaments.

Archery at the Olympics

Archery is a classic sport and is always present in the Olympic program. Archery fans around the world always look forward to exciting and dramatic competitions at the Olympics.

Development trend of archery

Archery today is not only a traditional sport but is also developing strongly with the support of technology and the interest of many players. Tournaments, training centers and archery equipment stores are increasingly developing, creating favorable conditions for players to practice and compete.

Archery, also known as the archery sport, has long been an indispensable part of Vietnam’s culture and history. From using bows and arrows to hunt for food to traditional battles, archery has been closely linked to the lives and spirits of the Vietnamese people. However, in recent years, archery is not simply a traditional activity but has also become a popular and loved sport.

The strong development of archery today is driven by the support of technology. Bows, arrows and archery equipment are increasingly improved with modern technology, helping players improve their skills and performance in archery. In addition, archery training centers also apply technology to the training process, from analyzing shooting technique to tracking and improving player performance.

At the same time, the interest of many players also plays an important role in promoting the development of archery. Nowadays, archery tournaments attract great attention from the community, with the participation of outstanding athletes and enthusiastic fans. This not only creates an attractive competitive playground but also helps enhance the prestige and appeal of this sport.

The development of training centers and archery equipment stores also plays an important role in creating favorable conditions for players. Thanks to the investment and development of these facilities, archery players can access professional training services, as well as have the opportunity to experience and purchase high-quality equipment, from bows, name to accessories and protective gear.


Archery is not only a traditional sport but also an art and a great practice method. With its long history, global popularity and diverse benefits, archery is increasingly attracting the attention of a large number of players and fans around the world. We hope that this article has helped you better understand the sport of archery and become more motivated to learn and try this sport.

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