Athletics and 3 athletes created impressive records in the Olympic Games

Athletics and 3 athletes created impressive records in the Olympic Games

Athletics, a highly competitive and diverse sport, has attracted the attention of many people around the world. Through many stages of development, This sport is not only a sport but also a cultural movement, the pride of many countries. This article will delve deeper into understanding the sport of athletics, from its history, types of competition, basic techniques, benefits of training, to major tournaments in the world and its influence in the Olympic Games. Finally, 2019 SEA Games will learn together about the future development trend of this sport.

Athletics and 3 athletes created impressive records in the Olympic Games
Athletics and 3 athletes created impressive records in the Olympic Games

What is athletics?

Concept of athletics

This sport, also known as This sport, is a sport that combines many skills such as running, jumping, throwing and throwing. This sport players often have to compete in many different events, from fast running, long running, high jump, long jump, javelin throwing, hammer throwing, etc. Athletics not only requires strength and agility but also requires requires technique and patience.

The role of athletics

Athletics is not only an individual sport but also an indispensable part of major sports competitions such as the Olympic Games. It not only helps develop the body but also trains the mind, patience and will. This sport is also the place where famous sports stars are born and rise.

Popularity of athletics

Worldwide, This sport is considered a popular and influential sport. From national and regional tournaments to international playgrounds, athletics always attracts the attention of many fans.

History of birth and development of athletics

Origin of athletics

This sport originated in ancient Greece, where running, jumping and throwing competitions have been around since ancient times. These competitions are not only an opportunity for athletes to demonstrate their strength and agility, but also an opportunity to honor the gods of Greek mythology.

Development of modern athletics

By the 19th century, This sport became a popular sport in Europe and then spread globally. Today, This sport is not only a sport but also a cultural movement, contributing to creating unique cultural and spiritual values.

The development of athletics in Vietnam

In Vietnam, athletics also has a long and influential history of development. From training sessions on school grounds to national tournaments, athletics has become an indispensable part of the country’s sporting life.

Types of athletics


  • Running is one of the most basic and familiar events in This sport. There are many different types of running such as 100m, 200m, 400m, hurdles, relays, etc. Each type of running requires unique technique and strength.


  • High jump, long jump, distance jump… These are popular jumping events in athletics. With a combination of strength, technique and spirit, track and field athletes have created impressive records over the years.

Throw and throw away

  • Javelin throwing, hammer throwing, discus throwing… These are throwing and throwing events that require concentration, technique and strength. Track and field athletes often have to practice a lot to be able to complete these events well.

Techniques of some basic athletics content

100m running technique

Running 100m requires agility, a strong start and proper running technique. Athletes need to maintain high speed and balance throughout this short but competitive run.

High jumping technique

High jumping requires flexibility, strength and precise jumping technique. Athletes need to have the skills to place their feet and push their body upward to cross the jump bar.

Javelin throwing technique

Javelin throwing requires concentration, proper spinning and launching techniques. The strength and range of javelin throwing depend greatly on the athlete’s technique and strength.

Regulations for athletics competitions

General rules

In each competition event, there are general rules regarding technique, competition scope, safety regulations and methods of determining the winner. Athletics follows strict regulations to ensure fairness and safety for athletes.

Dress code

Competition attire also plays an important role in This sport. Clothing must ensure comfort, flexibility and not hinder the athlete during competition.

Equipment regulations

Equipment such as running shoes, jumping shoes, javelin, etc. must also meet strict standards to ensure safety and fairness for all athletes.

Benefits of athletics training

Body development

Athletics training helps develop muscles, increase strength and flexibility. Exercises in This sport help the body become healthier and firmer.

Mental training

Patience, determination and willpower are qualities that track and field players can practice through practice and competition.

Create a foundation for other sports

This sport training also helps create a solid foundation for moving on to other sports such as soccer, basketball, weightlifting, etc.

Some major athletics tournaments in the world


  • The Olympic Games are the biggest playground for track and field athletes around the world. This is where they have the opportunity to compete and prove their mettle in front of millions of fans.

World Championship

  • The World Championship brings together the best athletes from around the world. This is an opportunity for them to compete and prove their abilities.

Continental Championship

  • Continental championships such as Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. also play an important role in creating competition and exchange opportunities for track and field athletes.

Famous athletes

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt

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  • Usain Bolt, the Jamaican “King of Speed”, is one of the most famous athletes of all time. He has set many world records and won many gold medals at the Olympic Games.

Florence Griffith-Joyner

Florence Griffith-Joyner, also known as the “Queen of Speed”, is one of the famous track and field athletes with her unique speed and style of competition.

Carl Lewis

  • Carl Lewis, American, is one of the greatest track and field athletes of all time with many impressive achievements during his competition career.

Athletics in the Olympic Games

The role of athletics in the Olympic Games

This sport always plays an important role in the Olympic Games with fierce competition and eye-catching competitions. This is also a place for athletes to have the opportunity to prove their bravery and talent.

Impressive records

The Olympic Games have seen many impressive records set and broken in this sport events. This is where the world’s greatest athletes have the opportunity to make their mark in sports history.

The influence of the Olympic Games on athletics

The Olympic Games are not only a major playground for athletes, but also an opportunity for this sport to spread globally, attracting the attention of millions of fans and creating positive impacts on the world. development of this sport.

Future development trends of athletics

Diversity of resources

In the future, This sport will continue to develop with a diversity of resources, from infrastructure, finance to human resources. This will help create opportunities for many potential young athletes.

Technology and science in athletics

Advances in technology and science will help improve technique, enhance performance and help athletes develop better.

The influence of media and society

Media and society will play an important role in generating interest and support for This sport, from sponsorship and promotion to creating opportunities for athletes.


Above is some basic information about the sport of athletics, from its history, types of competition, competition regulations, to its benefits, major tournaments and influence in the World. Olympic Games. This sport is not only a sport but also a cultural movement, the pride of many countries. This article hopes to help you better understand the sport of This sport and create a special interest in this sport. Hope you have interesting experiences learning about This sport!

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