ATHLETES List of 1003 members of the Vietnamese Sports delegation attending SEA Games 32

The Vietnam Sports Delegation attended SEA Games 2019 with 1,003 members, including more than 700 athletes competing in 31/37 sports.

The TTVN delegation attended SEA Games 32 with 1003 members
The TTVN delegation attended SEA Games 32 with 1003 members

On April 17, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism signed a decision to establish a Vietnamese delegation to attend the 32nd SEA Games in Cambodia. Mr. Dang Ha Viet (General Director of the General Department of Sports and Sports) is the head of the delegation.

At SEA Games 32, the TTVN delegation competed in 31 sports, aiming to rank in the top 3 on the overall table. At this congress, the TTVN delegation attended with more than 700 athletes, with a total of 1,003 members. This is the largest number in the history of SEA Games held abroad.

U22 Vietnam will be the earliest team to go to Cambodia, on April 26 to prepare for the opening match on April 30. On the evening of April 19, the Departure Ceremony of the Vietnam Military Delegation will be held at the Hanoi National Sports Training Center. The TTVN delegation left for Cambodia on the morning of May 3, departing from Noi Bai and Tan Son Nhat airports.

List of Vietnamese athletes who won medals at the 30th SEA Games in 2019.

Gold medal

1. Dinh Thi Nhu Quynh – Women’s mountain bike racing, cross-country content

2. Nguyen Duc Hoa and Nguyen Thi Hai Yen – Dancesport, Quickstep content

3. Vuong Thi Huyen – Weightlifting, women’s 45kg content

4. Nguyen Doan Minh Truong and Nguyen Trong Nha Uyen – Dancesport, Jive content

5. Lai Gia Thanh – Weightlifting, weight class 55kg

6. Tran Thuong – Kurash, weight class under 90 kg

7. Hoang Thi Tinh – Kurash, weight class under 52 kg

8. Vu Thi Thanh Binh (stick martial arts)

9. Dao Thi Hong Nhung (stick martial arts)

10. Nguyen Thi Cam Nhi (stick martial arts, over 60 kg female)

11. Le Duc Dong (Kurash, men’s 66 kg weight class)

12. Tran Thi Thanh Thuy (Kurash, women’s weight category over 70 kg)

13. Vu Ngoc Son (Kurash, men’s weight category under 73kg)

14. Bui Minh Quan (Kurash, men’s 81kg weight class)

15. Nguyen Thi Lan (Kurash, women’s under 70kg weight class)

16. Pham Quoc Khanh (Wushu, Southern boxing final)

17. Hoang Thi Duyen (weightlifting, under 59kg, female)

18. Do Duc Tri (stick martial arts, traditional men’s weapons)

19. Nguyen Thi Trang (Wushu, women’s 65kg champion)

20. Bui Truong Giang (Wushu, men’s 60kg champion)

21. Pham Thi Hong Thanh (Weightlifting, women’s 64kg category)

22. Vu Thanh An (Fencing, sword slashing)

23. Dang Nam (TDDC)

24. Huy Hoang (Swimming, men’s 400m freestyle)

25. Nguyen Thi Anh Vien (Swimming, women’s 200m medley)

26. Dinh Phuong Thanh (TDDC, men’s single bar)

27. Dinh Phuong Thanh (TDDC, parallel bars)

28. Tran Hung Nguyen (Swimming, men’s 200m individual medley)

29. Tran Thi Them (Pencak Silat, women’s under 55kg weight class)

30. Nguyen Tien Nhat (Fencing)

31. Huy Hoang (Swimming, men’s 1,500m freestyle)

32. Ly Hoang Nam (Tennis, men’s singles)

33. Truong Thi Phuong (Canoeing, women’s singles 500m)

34. Nguyen Thi That (Bicycle, women’s individual timekeeping)

35. Le Anh Tai (Judo, men’s 90kg category)

36. Vu Thanh An, Nguyen Xuan Loi, To Duc Anh, Nguyen Van Quyet (Fencing, men’s team saber cutting event)

37. Nguyen Thi Anh Vien (Swimming, women’s 200m freestyle)

38. Nguyen Thi Anh Vien (Swimming, women’s 200m backstroke)

39. Truong Thi Phuong (Canoeing, women’s singles 200m)

40. Nguyen Anh Tu – Doan Ba Tuan Anh (Table tennis, men’s doubles)

41. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, Nguyen Ngoc Diem Phuong, Ho Thi Nhu Van, Nguyen Thi Dieu Tien, Ha Thi Nga (Judo, women’s team fighting)

42. Nguyen Ngoc Minh Hy – Chau Tuyet Van – Hua Van Huy – Nguyen Thi Le Kim – Tran Ho Duy (Taekwondo, mixed team performance rights)

43. Nguyen Thi Anh Vien (Swimming, women’s 400m freestyle)

44. Pham Thi Thu Trang (Walking 10km, female)

45. Pham Thi Hue (10,000 m runner, female)

46. Loc Thi Dao, Do Thi Anh Nguyet and Nguyen Thi Phuong (female team 1 string bow)

47. Loc Thi Dao, Nguyen Hoang Phi Vu (one-string double bow)

48. Loc Thi Dao (female individual 1-string bow)

49. Nguyen Thanh Duy (men’s 60 kg karate weight class)

50. Luu Thi Thu Uyen, Le Thi Khanh Ly, Nguyen Thi Phuong (female team kata)

51. Ngo Dinh Nai (carom 1 band)

52. Nguyen Phuoc Den, Nguyen Tien Nhat, Truong Tran Nhat Minh and Dang Anh Tuan (earned 3 against men’s teammates)

53. Bui Yen Ly (Women’s Thai Muay Thai 54kg)

54. Nguyen Thi Oanh (women’s 1,500 m runner)

55. Duong Van Thai (men’s 1,500 m runner)

56. Le Tu Chinh (women’s 100m runner)

57. Pham Thi Thu Hien (Taekwondo, 62 kg women)

58. Tran Hung Nguyen (Swimming, men’s 400m individual medley)

59. Nguyen Thi Anh Vien (Swimming, women’s 400m individual medley)

60. Bac Thi Khiem (Taekwondo, 62 kg women)

61. Nguyen Thi Huyen (athletics, women’s 400 m)

62. Tran Nhat Hoang (athletics, men’s 400 m)

63. Nguyen Thi Mong Quynh (Taekwondo)

64. Nguyen Thi Anh Vien (women’s 100m backstroke)

65. Nguyen Thi Hang, Tran Nhat Hoang, Quach Thi Lan and Tran Dinh Son (4x400m mixed relay)

66. Women’s football

67. Tran Ngoc Thuy Vi (Aerobic, female individual)

68. Bui Minh Phuong and Phan The Gia Hien (Aerobic, mixed doubles)

69. Nguyen Viet Anh, Nguyen Che Thanh, Vuong Hoai An (Aerobic, mixed 3 people)

70. Nguyen Thi Tam (Boxing, 51kg women)

71. Nguyen Thi Xuan (Wrestling, women’s 50kg)

72. Nghiem Dinh Hieu (Men’s 87kg classical wrestling)

73. Nguyen Ba Son (wrestling, 77 kg male)

74. Tran Thi Anh Tuyet (Taekwondo, under 53kg, female)

75. Bui Tien Hai (Wrestling, 60kg men)

76. Nguyen Thi Hang Nga (kickboxing, 48kg women)

77. Nguyen Dinh Huy (Classical wrestling, men’s 55kg category)

78. Pham Ba Hoi (Boxing, 54kg men)

79. Dinh Thi Bich (Athletics, women’s 800m)

80. Duong Van Thai (Athletics, men’s 800m)

81. Nguyen Thi Oanh (women’s 5000m)

82. Tran Tan Trieu (Swimming, 10km)

83. Nguyen Van Cong (Wrestling, men’s 57kg category)

84. Can Tat Du (Wrestling, men’s 70 kg category)

85. Nguyen Thi My Hanh: 62kg female (classical wrestling)

86. Kieu Thi Ly: 55kg female (wrestling)

87. Nguyen Huu Dinh: 61kg male (wrestling)

88. Nguyen Xuan Dinh: 65kg male (wrestling)

89. Nguyen Thi Huyen (athletics, women’s 400 m hurdles)

90. Ha Van Hieu (wrestling, 125 kg men’s freestyle)

91. Nguyen Thi Oanh: 3000m hurdles for women (athletics)

92. Do Quoc Luat (athletics, men’s 3000 m hurdles)

93. Nguyen Xuan Phuong (kickboxing, 57 kg men)

94. Women’s 4x400m relay

95. Huynh Van Tuan (kickboxing, 51 kg male)

96. Men’s 4x400m relay

97. Men’s soccer

98. Beach handball

Silver medal

1. Duc Hoa – Hai Yen (dancesport, mixed doubles tango)

2. Duc Hoa – Hai Yen (dancesport, viennese waltz mixed doubles)

3. Ca Thi Thom (mountain bike, women’s cross-country)

4. Vu Van Kien (arnis, 55-60 kg male)

5. Minh Truong – Nha Uyen (dancesport, samba mixed doubles)

6. Le Huu Phuoc (dancesport, breaking men)

7. Phu Thai Viet (arnis, over 65 kg male)

8. Dinh Phuong Thanh (TDDC, omnipotent)

9. Minh Truong – Nha Uyen (dancesport, five dances)

10. Anh Minh – Truong Xuan (dancesport, all five dances)

11. Anh Minh – Truong Xuan (dancesport, waltz)

12. Nguyen Thi Huong (hard stick martial arts, under 50 kg female)

13. Nguyen Thi Huong (soft stick martial arts, under 50 kg female)

14. Van Cong Quoc (Stick martial arts, under 55 kg for men)

15. Nguyen Duc Tri (Stick martial arts, under 60 kg male)

16. Vuong Thanh Tung (Stick martial arts, over 65 kg male)

17. Thach Kim Tuan (weightlifting, 61 kg men)

18. Nguyen Thi Thuy (women’s weightlifter, 55 kg category)

19. Nguyen Thi Cuc (Stick martial arts, over 60kg)

20. Tran Thi Minh Huyen (Wushu, Tai Chi sword)

21. Trieu Thi Hoai (Marshal stick, the right to create female weapons)

22. Dinh Xuan Hoang (Weightlifting, 67kg men)

23. Nguyen Thi Chinh (Wushu, female champion 48kg)

24. Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son (Chess, quick chess content)

25. Ngo Van Huynh (Stick martial arts)

26. Do Thi Ngoc Huong (TDDC)

27. Le Dinh Vu (Kurash)

28. Nguyen Thi Van (Weightlifting, women’s 71kg category)

29. Pham Tuan Anh (Weightlifting, men’s 73kg category)

30. Le Nguyen Paul (Swimming, men’s 100m backstroke)

31. Quy Phuoc – Kim Son – Dinh Chuyen – Huy Hoang (Swimming, men’s 4x200m freestyle)

32. Pham Thanh Bao (swimming, men’s 100m breaststroke)

33. Nguyen Dinh Tuan (Pencak Silat, 50-55kg)

34. Nguyen Tan Cong (Judo, men’s 73kg category)

35. Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc – Judo 57kg

36. Anh Vien (Swimming, women’s 50m backstroke)

37. Daniel Cao Nguyen – Tennis

38. Savanna Ly Nguyen (Tennis, women’s singles)

39. Tran Van Vu (Kayak, men’s singles 1,000m)

40. Do Thi Anh, Nguyen Thi Thu Phuong, Nguyen Thu Phuong and Luu Thi Thanh Nhan (Fencing, women’s team rapier)

41. Nguyen Thi Nhu Y (Judo, women’s over 78kg category)

42. Dinh Thi Hao and Ta Thanh Huyen (Rowing, light women’s double scull)

43. Hoang Xuan Vinh (Shooting, 10m air pistol for men)

44. Nguyen Thi Phuong (Karate, Kata)

45. Dinh Thi Huong (Karate, 50 kg kumite)

46. Le Thanh Trung – Tran Tien Khoa – Nguyen Thien Phung (Taekwondo, men’s team standard boxing)

47. Phan Vu Nam, Nguyen Tan Cong, Bui Thien Hoang, Le Khac Nhan, Nguyen Chau Hoang Lan (Judo, men’s team fighting)

48. Le Tu Chinh (Athletics, women’s 200m)

49. Nguyen Ngoc Minh Hy (Taekwondo, Male Individual Creative Rights)

50. Pham Thi Hong Le (10,000 km run, female)

51. Nguyen Van Ha – Nhu Dinh Nam (rowing – men’s lightweight double paddle)

52. Pham Canh Phuc (carom 1 band)

53. Le Thi Hien – Pham Thi Hue (rowing – women’s double boat)

54. Nguyen Doan Long (Muay Thai 57kg)

55. Nguyen Huu Kim Son (Swimming, men’s 400m individual medley)

56. Tran Dinh Son (athletics, men’s 400 m)

57. Pham Thanh Bao (Swimming, men’s 200m breaststroke)

58. Nguyen Van Lai (Athletics, 5000m run)

59. Vo Xuan Vinh (Athletics, walking 20km)

60. Nguyen Tien Cuong, Nguyen Van Day, Thach Phi Hung (Archery, men’s team three-string bow)

61. Chau Kieu Oanh, Nguyen Van Day (Archery, 3-string archery)

62. Nha Uyen (Boxing, 54kg)

63. Nguyen Van Duong (Boxing, 56kg)

64. Dao Le Thu Trang (Jiujitsu, 45kg class)

65. Do Thanh Nhan (Karate, over 75kg for men)

66. Lo Thi Hoang (Athletics, javelin throwing)

67. Bui Thu Ha, Do Thi Tam, Le Minh Hang, Phung Khanh Linh (Fencing, female team sword fighting)

68. Nguyen Thi Anh Vien (Swimming, women’s 800m freestyle)

69. Dinh Hoang (Muay, men’s over 71kg category)

70. Khuat Phuong Anh (Athletics, women’s 800m)

71. Tran Thi Yen Hoa (athletics, women’s 100m)

72. Nguyen Van Hai (Boxing, men’s 64kg qualifying round)

73. Nguyen Cong Thanh (Wrestling, 63kg male)

74. Do The Kien (Billiard – 10 ball pool)

75. Women’s team sepak takraw

76. Judo performed by men’s team

77. Women’s volleyball

78. Nguyen Manh Cuong (Boxing, 75kg men)

79. Pham Thi Hue (athletics, women’s 5,000m)

80. Nguyen Huy Hoang (Swimming, men’s 10,000m)

81. Nguyen Ngoc Tu (jujitsu, under 62 kg female)

82. Bui Van Su (Athletics, decathlon)

83. Quach Thi Lan (Athletics, women’s 400m hurdles)

84. Nguyen Trung Cuong (Athletics, 3,000m men’s hurdle)

85. Do The Kien (Billiard, 9 ball)

Bronze medal

1. Tran Thi Minh Huyen (2) – Wushu, content of female Tai Chi and female Talou

2. Tran Xuan Hiep – Wushu, content of Men’s School of Fist

3. Nguyen Trung Kien and Pham Hong Anh – Dancesport, chacha and rumba dance content

4. Nguyen Ngoc Dat – Stick martial arts, weight class under 55kg)

5. Vu Duc Hung – Stick martial arts, weight class under 65kg

6. Le Thanh Tung – Gymnastics, men’s all-around event

7. Nguyen Trung Kien – Pham Hong Anh (dancesport, rumba)

9. Ngo Thi Quyen – female weightlifter 49 kg

10. Nguyen Thi Phuong Trinh – women’s individual duathlon (duathlon)

11. Vo Duc Hung (arnis, under 65 kg male)

12. Men’s basketball 3×3 content

13. Tran Xuan Hiep (Wushu, sword art – male martial art)

14. Nguyen Phuong Linh (stick martial arts, the right to create female weapons)

15. Nguyen Anh Khoi (Chess, rapid chess content)

16. Do Thi Anh (Fencing)

17. Do Thi Van Anh (TDDC)

18. Nghiem Van Y (Wushu, 56kg male)

19. Dinh Van Huong (Wushu, 52kg male)

20. Vu Minh Duc (Wushu, 48kg male weightlifter)

21. Dinh Phuong Thanh (2) – Gymnastics, hand crank horse – hanging ring

22. Doan Thi Nhuan (Stick martial arts, under 55kg, female)

23. Le Thi Van Anh (Arnis, under 60kg female)

24. Pham Quoc Khanh (Wushu, Taolu)

25. Nguyen Thi Huong (Kurash, under 63kg female)

26. Le Thanh Tung (TDDC, men’s dance)

27. Nguyen Thi Nhu Hoa (Fencing, women’s 3-sided sword)

28. Do Thi Van Anh (TDDC, women’s balance jump)

29. Huynh Ha Huu Hieu and Tran Thi Lua (Muay, women’s doubles boxing)

30. Phuong Nga – Bao Ngoc (Karate, Kata)

31. Tran Doan Quynh Nam (TDDC)

32. Le Thi My Thao (Swimming, 200 female butterfly)

33. Nguyen Tang Quyen – Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat (Muay)

34. Nguyen Huu Kim Son (Swimming)

35-36-37. Ly My Van, Ly Ngoc Tai and Ngo Ron (Men’s Petanque, team)

38. Nguyen Phuoc Den (fencing, individual three-sided sword for men)

39. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy (Judo, women’s 52kg weight class)

40. Pham Thi Tuoi (pencak silat, female 4-5 55 kg opponent)

41. Nguyen Ngoc Toan (pencak silat, 60-65 kg men’s resistance)

42. Pham Thi Hong Le (Athletics, women’s marathon)

43. Le Quoc Khanh, Ly Hoang Nam (Tennis, men’s doubles)

44. Tran Thanh, Bui Thanh Pham (Canoeing, 1,000m men’s pair)

45. Nguyen Thi Thuy Kieu, Thach Thi Anh Lan (Pétanque, women’s doubles)

46. Ngo Phuong Mai (Diving, women’s single 3m softboard)

47. Phan Thi Thanh Binh, Tran Thuy Thanh Truc (Tennis, women’s doubles)

48. Martial artist Phuong Quynh (Judo, women’s 78kg class)

49. Nguyen Chau Hoang Lan (Judo, men’s over 100kg category)

50. Duong Thi Nhu Quynh (Sambo Sport, women’s under 80kg category)

51. Le Paul Nguyen (Swimming, men’s 100m butterfly)

52. Le Nguyen Paul, Ngo Dinh Chuyen, Tran Hung Nguyen, Hoang Quy Phuoc (Swimming, men’s 4x100m freestyle relay)

53. Le Mau Truong and Phan Manh Linh (Rowing, men’s catamaran)

54. Duong Anh Duc (Canoeing, men’s 200m)

55. Nguyen Quoc Toan and Phan Ngoc Sang (Rowing, 200m men’s catamaran)

56. Tran Quoc Cuong (Shooting, 10m air pistol for men)

57. Le Tran Kim Uyen (Teakwondo, women’s single boxing performance)

58. Nhu Hoa, Thuy Trinh, Nguyen Trang, Vu Hong (Fencing, women’s 3-edged sword)

59. Le Tran Kim Uyen, Nguyen Thi Kim Ha, Ngo Thi Thuy Dung (Taekwondo, women’s team standard boxing)

60. Le Tuan Minh (chess – men’s blitz chess)

61. Hoang Thi Bao Tram (chess – women’s blitz chess)

62. Vu Thi Men (Athletics, women’s 3-step jump)

63. Nguyen Nhu Hoa, Tran Thuy Vinh, Vu Thi Hong, Nguyen Thi Trang (fencing, women’s team three-sided sword)

64. Nguyen Van Hai (karate, men’s 55kg category)

65. Men’s team sepak takraw

66. Quach Thi Lan (athletics, women’s 400 m)

67. Khuat Phuong Anh (women’s 1,500 m runner)

68. Vu Thi Mong Mo (women’s long jump)

69. Giang Viet Anh, Pham Truong An, Nguyen Cong Sai (Karate, kata)

70. Tran Le Tuan Anh (Biards)

71. Dang Hong Son (Karate, under 67kg male)

72. Ho Thi Thu Hien (Karate, under 61kg, female)

73. Trang Cam Lanh (karatedo, 55 kg women)

74. Lam Thi Thanh Ha (taekwondo, over 73kg, female)

75. Ly Hong Phuc (taekwondo, under 74kg men)

76. Nguyen Van Duy (taekwondo, under 68 kg men)

77. Hoang Quy Phuoc (swimming, 50m freestyle)

78. Le Hoang Duc (Muay, 45 kg men)

79. Can Van Thang (Jiujitsu, under 62kg men)

80. Duong Thi Thanh Minh (Jiujitsu, under 49kg, female)

81. Chau Kieu Oanh, Le Phuong Thao, Nguyen Tuong Vi (Archery, women’s team three-string bow)

82. Bui Thi Thao (karate, 61kg women)

83. E-Sport Mobile Lien Quan content

84. Kieu Thi Diem (Boxing, 48kg category)

85. Pham Thanh Bao, Ngo Dinh Chuyen, Tran Hung Nguyen, Hoang Quy Phuoc (Swimming, men’s 4x100m)

86. Nguyen Hoai Van (Athletics, javelin throwing)

87. Pham Dang Quang (Taekwondo, 63kg men)

88. Hoang Duc Anh (Taekwondo, men’s under 54kg category)

89. Thanh Dat (Boxing, men’s 60kg category)

90. Yen Hoa, Mong Tuyen, Ha Thi Thu, Tu Chinh (Athletics, women’s 4x100m relay)


92. Dong Thi Thu Hien (Kurash, under 57kg female)

93. Pham Thi Diem (Athletics, high jump)

94. Le Duy Thanh (Jiujitsu, men’s 94kg category)

95. Luu Minh Thien (Jiujitsu, men’s 120kg category)

96. Esports, Dota 2

97. Hoang Manh Tung (Jiujitsu, men’s 85kg category)

98. Manh Tuan, Van Hoang, Hoang Lan, Huu Danh (Takakakraw, men’s team)

99. Dao Hong Son (Jiujitsu, men’s 56kg category)

100. ESPORTS – DOTA 2 (PC) ( B )

101. Quach Cong Lich (Athletics, 400m

102. Hoang Manh Tung (Jiujitsu, men’s 85kg category)

103. Manh Tuan, Van Hoang, Hoang Lan, Huu Danh (Takrawk bridge, men’s team)

104. Men’s Basketball Team

105. Nguyen The Huong (Kickboxing, under 63.5kg men)

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