What is the sport of badminton? 3 types of competition that players must know

What is the sport of badminton? 3 types of competition that players must know

Sport of badminton, a popular sport around the world, not only brings entertainment but also brings many health benefits. In this article,SEA Games 2019 will learn about this sport from its history, rules, basic techniques, to types of competition and famous athletes. The article will also introduce some badminton clubs in Vietnam along with important events in the sport of badminton world.

What is the sport of badminton? 3 types of competition that players must know
What is the sport of badminton? 3 types of competition that players must know

What is the sport of badminton?

History of badminton

Badminton originated from a folk game called “battledore and shuttlecock” in England in the 19th century. This game later developed into today’s badminton sport. From England, badminton spread around the world and became a popular sport.

The history of sport of badminton in Vietnam is also quite long, when this sport was introduced and popular during the French colonial period. Since then, badminton has become a popular and popular sport in Vietnam.

Rules of badminton

Badminton is played on a field of international standard size, with a net dividing the field as the boundary between the two teams. This game requires players to use rackets to hit the ball over the net and put the ball into their opponent’s court in a smart and strategic way. The player or couple with the higher score wins.

In badminton, the rules of the game not only regulate techniques and tactics but also have many rules related to scoring, priority when serving and how to handle disputes. This helps create a fair playing environment and promptly resolve any disputes.

First, the scoring method in sport of badminton is very specific. In each match, players or pairs compete to reach 21 points first. If both teams reach 20 points, the match will continue until one team is at least 2 points ahead of the opponent. This rule helps create tension and excitement in each phase of competition.

Second, priority when serving is also very important in badminton. The first player or couple to serve will have priority in the next exchange round. This helps create fairness and consideration in controlling the match, while giving both teams the opportunity to play fairly and show off their skills.

Finally, how to handle disputes is also clearly specified. The referee will have an important role in deciding disputes during the match. They will make decisions based on badminton’s rules and regulations to ensure fairness and transparency. In addition, this fair and transparent application also helps create a professional and healthy competition environment.

In short, sport of badminton rules not only focus on technique and tactics but are also important in creating a fair playing environment and promptly resolving any disputes. Thanks to clear regulations on scoring, priority when serving and how to handle disputes, badminton today has become an attractive and popular sport around the world.

Basic techniques in badminton

Racket technique, movement on the court, and playing strategy are important factors in sport of badminton. Players need to practice their hitting skills, creating powerful and accurate shots to defeat their opponents. In addition, flexible and agile movement skills on the field also play an important role, helping players control the match and create scoring opportunities.

Types of badminton competitions

Men’s singles and women’s singles

These are two types of individual competitions, each player will compete against his or her opponent. The match will take place in a narrow space, requiring players to have good skills and endurance to maintain the best condition throughout the match.

Men’s doubles and women’s doubles

In doubles, two players will compete against their opponent’s pair. This is a type of competition that requires good coordination and understanding between two players on the same team. Victory will belong to the team with better tactics and better coordination.


This type of competition requires coordination between men and women on the same team. This is a popular type of competition in international tournaments and requires good consideration and coordination between two players of the opposite sex.

Benefits of playing badminton

Playing sport of badminton not only brings joy and relaxation but also brings many health benefits. This is a sport that helps improve cardiovascular health, increase muscle strength, and train flexibility and agility. In addition, badminton also helps reduce tension and stress, increase concentration and sharpness of thinking.

World famous badminton players

Lin Dan (China)

Lin Dan (China)
Lin Dan (China)

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  • Lin Dan, also known as the “King of Badminton”, is one of the best athletes in the history of sport of badminton. He has won many international titles and is considered an icon of the sport.

Ratchanok Intanon (Thailand)

  • Ratchanok Intanon is one of the prominent names in women’s badminton in the world. With her technique and strong competitive spirit, she made a strong impression in international tournaments and won many important titles.

Kento Momota (Japan)

  • Kento Momota is known for his flexible playing style and consistency in every match. He has proven his mettle through many major tournaments and is considered one of the bright stars of world badminton.

Badminton World Championship

The Badminton World Championship is one of the most important events in sport of badminton history. This is where top tennis players from around the world gather, competing to win prestigious titles and honor their talents. The Badminton World Championship is not only a sports competition but also an occasion for countries to demonstrate their strength and talent in this sport.

Every time the World sport of badminton Championship takes place, badminton fans around the world eagerly wait to watch the dramatic matches and beautiful plays of the excellent players. Athletes not only carry the pride of their nation, but also represent individual effort, perseverance and talent.

In addition, the world sport of badminton championship also creates opportunities for young players to learn and gain experience from top players. This not only promotes the development of badminton but also helps build a global badminton community, where everyone can enjoy the passion and love for this sport together.

Throughout the history of the sport of badminton world championships, there have been many memorable moments and classic matches that have contributed to the aura of this sport. The winners and great players have left an unforgettable mark in the hearts of badminton fans around the world.

With its attraction and historical significance, the world sport of badminton championship is always an event that is anticipated and of top interest in the global badminton community.

Other important badminton events

In addition to the world championship, badminton also has many other important events such as the Olympics, All England sport of badminton tournament, Malaysia Open badminton tournament, and China Open badminton tournament. These events are not only an opportunity for athletes to show off their talents, but also a place to interact, learn and create memorable memories.


Above is some basic information about the sport of sport of badminton, from history, rules, basic techniques, to types of competition and famous athletes. Hopefully this article has helped you better understand this exciting sport and gain more motivation to learn and participate in the badminton community.

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