This is an interesting sport that you see played all over Southeast Asia.

Essentially it is volleyball played without using your hands and arms. What you use is your foot.

Sepak takraw is played between two teams of three players. It has rules similar to volleyball and badminton.

Play begins with a served (kicked) and each side is allowed three hits (the same as volleyball) before it is returned over the net to the other team. The scoring is like badminton. The first team to 15 wins.

A player It is very exciting to watch a good player leap high into the air, flip around and spike the ball with his foot at 60 miles per hour and then fall on his head and shoulders without hurting himself.

That, in a nutshell, is sepak takraw. It is played using a special rattan bag in a badminton court. It is known by different names in different countries: sipak in the Philippines, takraw in Thailand and sepak raga in Malaysia. Sepak Takraw was coined in 1965 at the Southeast Asia Games by combining the Malay word for kick (“speak”) and the Thai word for ball surprisingly “takraw”).

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