The very act of discharging a weapon at a target or at game is shooting. As a sport, it is simply shooting a rifle or pistol at a target and scoring points for each round that lands within specified scoring areas of the target.

Rifle competition is divided into 2 categories: small-bore (.22-caliber rifle) and big-bore (.30-caliber military rifle).

In small-bore competition, the targets have a 10-point bull’s-eye within which is a smaller ‘X-ring’ used to break ties; the targets are placed at distances of 50 yards, 50 meters and 100 yards (50 feet in indoor competition).

Competitors shoot from standing, sitting, kneeling, and prone positions using slow-fire (up to one minute per round) procedure. Competitors fire from all positions, but at the longer distances the prone position is normally used at slow fire.

Targets in big-bore competition have a 5-point bull’s-eye with a smaller ‘X-ring’ for tie breaking.

In pistol shooting, targets have 10-point bull’s-eye and are placed at 25 and 50 yards.

The .22-caliber pistol, the .38-caliber revolver, and the .45-caliber pistol are used. Indoor competition involves only the .22-caliber pistol at 50 feet.

Competitors fire from the standing position and fire 30 rounds at slow fire, 30 rounds at timed fire (5 rounds in 20 seconds), and 30 rounds at rapid fire (5 rounds in 10 seconds).

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