A game played on an enclosed rink between two teams of six players wearing ice skates and using a thin-bladed stick to propel a hard rubber puck up and down the ice with the object to drive the puck past the opposing goalkeeper into the goal for a score and to prevent the opposing team from scoring.

The sport is known to be fast-paced and physical.

A team consists of a goalkeeper who normally plays right in front of men who pursue attacking players to try to disrupt their attack, and three forwards (a center and 2 wings) who are primarily offensive players.

Players are not permitted to propel the puck with their hands or with any part of the body, but they may use the hands to knock the puck down to the ice where it is then played with the stick. Body checking of an opponent who has the puck or who is going for the puck is permitted, but players may not hold, trip, or charge an opposing player.

For fouls such as charging, holding, or tripping, a player is penalized by being sent off the ice for 2 or 5 minutes, during which time he must sit in a penalty box and his team must play shorthanded.

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